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What you should know about Gallus advanced register control.
The new Gallus ECS 340 auto-register system was developed from proven technology. It is fully integrated into the press controls. Other presses use a separate cabinet and display panel. With the ECS 340 all auto register functions are accessed and displayed with our sliding central control panel.

Printing Section   The Gallus system can register print-to-print or print-to-cylinder for perfect longitudinal registration. This is extremely useful when the color being printed is transparent or a light pantone that the sensor can not read and for die cutting.

Reinsertion   The auto register system allows the printer to print the web, rewind it, and then pass it through the press a second time to add additional colors or die cutting to be added to the job.

Intuitive   Mark reading sensors are self-teaching.

ROI   It saves material on startup since all of the printers pull into register automatically at the same time. Payback for auto register in material savings alone is typically 6 - 9 months.

Convenience   Auto register on the ECS 340 is not mandatory because the press holds excellent register without it. The auto register feature eliminates one more variable from the equation, making it easier for the operator to concentrate on the job rather than on fine-tuning registration.

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