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What you should know about Gallus aluminum plate sleeves.
The new aluminum plate sleeve system by Gallus has been designed to ensure a high level of print quality, durability, efficiency and long-term savings for the label printer. It overcomes many of the disadvantages of conventional and composite materials, such as:

Investment  The new Gallus aluminum plate sleeve system is less expensive than conventional plate cylinder assemblies because there are fewer components required to make a complete assembly. That means that there are fewer replacement parts so the system is more economical to maintain.

Maintenance & Handling  Because there are fewer parts and a simpler design than conventional cylinder assemblies, the Gallus aluminum sleeve takes less time to disassemble for cleaning.

Durability  Conventional requires replacement of the bearings and gear due to normal wear and damage to the gear if not handled correctly. Synthetic sleeves have a life of 2-5 years, and tend to lose concentricity due to the nature of the material used and miss-handling. The Gallus aluminum sleeve eliminates these issues, saving time and reducing cost throughout the press's life.

Weight  While aluminum is slightly heavier than composite materials, the advantages in stability make up fo the weight difference over sythetics. Gallus aluminum plates are lighter than conventional plate cylinder assemblies.

Accuracy of shape  In contrast to synthetic materials, Gallus aluminum plates don't lose concentricity from use or mishandling, ensuring that registration and print quality are not affected by plate distortion.

Solvent resistance  Aluminum plate sleeves are impervious to attack by cleaning solutions, unlike synthetic materials, which are vulnerable to attack by solvents on the compressible material from the ends or the inside diameter.

Gear marks  Conventional plates with gears have a potential for gear marking due to gear quality and from abuse it receives through normal handling. The slightest defect in the gear can show up on the print. Gallus sleeves are servo driven in most press models, so there's never any compromise to quality due to gears.

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